Abyss 22. Extras & Eccentricities 2

The Water Lies Still… The Tale is at an End… 

This week we continued to ask the cast to recap and discuss their experiences,  this time with episodes 7-13 of Abyss

The Cast:
Dragon as “T’riss Nitra” (A Drow)
Shiraz as “Ishidoro” (A Dragonborn)
Susie Q as “Thirteen” (a Goblin)
Tauno as “Rasthikos Thyreon” (A Human)
Wednesday Le Fey as “Desolation” aka. “Layla” (A Tiefling) 

And Nikoli as your Storyteller.

Where Can i Find more from the Cast?
You can hear more from Wednesday as Part of the Dum Dum Die Cast at:

Shiraz Can Be Found on Twitter at @DiceDeeds 

Find more from Dragon & Nikoli Right Here

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