Call of Penance RPG

This is our first Call of Cthulhu adaptation & mini-series, written & DM’d by Belry. At only 6 episodes long, this is a perfect mini series for a long weekend or when you’re too busy for an 23 or 75(!) episode epic.

Set in 1920’s Virginia, during the Prohibition era, a motley group of curious mourners stumble across a series of missing persons and some oddly sinister sweeties…


A dark green background that resembles crumpled fabric. Bronze machine cogs of various sizes  are overlaid with bronze lettering reading "The Call of Penance RPG" with green highlights behind the words.  Keywords: rpg, logo, call of cthulhu. call of penance, cthulhu
Logo by Jon Moore


Ash - Miss Penelope Pendleton, a wealthy and classy journalist, supporter of Prohibition

Nikoli - Dr. Adrian Zilbare, German-American doctor with a passion for accuracy and precision

Dragon - Miss Tilly White, a journalist hiding her criminal family history, taker of many notes

Jon - Viktor, a French mechanic with an extraordinarily well stocked workshop

Graham - Walter Gabe,  a film noir style Private Investigator (PI)

Daniel - Snide McBride, a grown up street child, gets by on his wits and charm


Ep. 1. Grace & Gumshoes
Born from a tragedy, this group have met
With paranoia ever present, can they unravel the true hidden threat..



Ep. 2. Sugar & Slice
Their mechanical beast attracts a strange, lost man
But what of these “sweetshops” and a more sinister plan…


Ep. 3. Jellies & Journalism
They meet a strange man, he speaks of a long forgotten place
Its time for adventure, off to explore this space


Ep. 4. Geology & Jellicide
Descending the ladder, what lies under the ground
Beings of madness, that should never have been found..


Ep. 5. Candies & Chains
The master confectioner, he awaits their return
Perhaps amidst the chaos, his motives they will learn


Ep. 6. A Conclusion in Candyland
They awoke from the fight, in this strange new plain
Their only salvation awaits at the end of a chain..