The Varlastan Circle

Welcome to The Varlastan Circle, our first D&D 5E adventure in a homebrew setting played LIVE on Twitch.


Our DM is Lunrwolf, an occasional variety streamer and creator of the Varlastan setting who will be guiding our cast through the trials that await them.
AJ, Amy and Dragon are regular cast members in Penance RPG, this is the first time Eden has joined us.
AJ runs the Pretending With Dice podcast for which he writes and records original music. Amy, Dragon and Eden are all cast members in some Pretending With Dice series, such as the upcoming Star Trek Frontiers campaign.

You can also watch Lunrwolf, AJ and Eden on Twitch playing a wide variety of games including Clone Hero (Eden) and Flight Sim & music (AJ), Lunrwolf streams very occasionally.

Sponsors & Products Used

We’d like to thank the Penance RPG sponsors DnDice and Gemhammer & Sons for supporting both the podcast and our other content. Get 10% off purchases at either (lets be honest, both) websites using code ‘Penance RPG’

The Varlastan setting is built using World Anvil’s excellent toolset, and we’re releasing some of the setting content after the cast has experienced it for themselves.