Halloween 2020: Luchgobar

A new horror tale, in a new world. Only a select few were brave enough to take on this challenge… Let us continue on our journey to the quiet mountain village of Luchgobar!

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Party Advantage is a D&D 5th Ed. style podcast released biweekly on a Wednesday 

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Mike from Fellowship of the Geeks, a podcast covering many kinds of entertainment
AJ from Pretending With Dice, a mixed system ttrpg podcast that releases fortnightly
Lenida from Penance RPG, our composer

All The Horror & Scares That Care


Scares That Care was founded by Joe Ripple in 2007. He started this organization as a tribute to a friend’s daughter who succumbed to terminal illness..
The charity originally started with the goal of raising $10,000 per year for organizations such as Make-A-Wish and the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

All The Horror is supporting Scares That Care by donating the proceeds from all merchandise sales to the organization.

Merchandise can be found at https://allthehorror18.wixsite.com/event or https://www.teepublic.com/user/allthehorror 

LovelyCraftians are an All-Female Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Podcast from Chicago, USA.

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MFD9k is a multi edition d20 tabletop podcast in 25 yr old homebrew world

This episode's cast comprises of two voices you may have heard before (Mads & Tauno) and three new ones joining them (Ollie, Anam & Runie)

Mads has guested once before on ep. 5 of our Animecast & has helped Pupzki with his episode ideas for Curse & Abyss.
She is also a writer and can be found on twitter

Tauno previously appeared as Rasthikos in our Abyss series, is Danish & still has no social media. 

Ollie  is a friend of Tauno, is also from Denmark and also has no active social media. 

Anam is also a writer who writes Fanfic
Twitter | Kofi 

Runie is a writer, mostly dealing fanfic, She can be found:
Twitter | Kofi

Many of these casts are returning to our Halloween specials after joining us in 2018: Isenport and 2019: Dorohirsk