The PRPG Players are a motley crew. The characters they play aren’t much better…

PRPG Original Series Characters

Here you can discover what circumstances drove Rivane from her ancestral home; why Stilgar doesn’t much associate with elves anymore and what it is that makes Tensho so… … Tensho*

PRPG Original Series Characters

Curse of Penance RPG

Plus the fantastic crew of Curse of Penance, how Tubbs got into accidental necromancy, Karen’s colourful past and how the lovely Rosie ended up in a prison cart!

Curse of Penance Cast

Call Penance RPG

How the investigators came to be involved in Call of Penance

Call of Penance RPG


Some resilient, and some not so resilient, heroic mercenaries seeking to survive the evil Overlord

Plummet Cast

One Shots & Specials

The brief but well loved characters from several one shot and special episodes.

Specials & one shots


And  which players are crazy about Anime, or crazy enough to have 5 episodes already live!


*Nobody can answer this. A coherent explanation of Tensho’s thought process may be one of the signs of the apocalypse.