Ozmand Storm

Ozmand was one of the founding members of the all-Tiefling band, The Hellish Rebuke. The band enjoyed success in many towns and cities, putting on several successful tours. It wasn’t long however, until egos and tempers flared, and eventually the group split; each going their separate ways. Unwilling to give up his life on the road, Ozmand went solo, staging his one-man Oz My Own tour. Things soon went south, however, as a drunken brawl broke out at one of the smaller stops on the tour, in the middle of his first encore. The crowd had been rowdy all night, and then a particularly inebriated individual jumped onto the stage. Ozmand had finally had enough, and punched out the man. Unfortunately, this man was a member of the local guard. So Ozmand soon found himself in chains, on a prison cart headed to who knows where…..


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Ozmand Storm, by his player, AJ