Tex (& more!)

Tex is a small guppy who, having recently been given saipience and a shoddily built robot body which his goldfish bowl forms the head of, is venturing out into the wastes in order to figure out exactly who he is. Due to being sapient of all of a couple weeks, he is, unfortunately, not very wise nor does he possess a wealth of life experience. He did see a couple of cowboy films however with his owner back when he was just a normal fish and in lieu of anything else crafted a persona based on that. Now he sets off on a journey of self discovery, wearing his poncho and stetson, along with a big iron on his hip.

A gold and orange guppy fish, with transparent fins. He is looking up towards outlines of his treasures - a cowboy hat and a pistol
Tex, outside of his robot body

Tex is played by Belry, a stalwart of many Penance RPG series, having played Belry (Original Series), Karen (Curse) and numerous Plummet characters

Officer A. Tyre

Officer Tyre is sent to the group by Mr E., over time his complicated relationship with his employer became clear. Due to his similarity to a tractor tyre, he struggled to bond with their daughter Kuberta who is now missing.

Despite his frequent claims of being a drug cop, it is unknown if Officer Tyre was ever a police officer or indeed if he was ever not involved in crime!

A large tyre in three-quarter profile, with thin metal arms extend from each side of the central axel, one large metal hand holds sunglasses over the top of the tyre
Officer A. Tyre

Richard Clawford

Richard appears after a a raid by the dreaded crab cult! He claims this is to apologise on behalf of the legitimate cult members – apparently the difference is whether the crab claw is on the right or left arm. Unfortunately, this lead to the appearance of…


Strangely identical to the aforementioned Richard…

Trikyklo Theta

As all Transmorphers ™ Trikyklo Theta emerged from his biomechanical flower bud in the form of a small red tricycle. Growing up, he was always bullied by the cooler kids, led by the school bully Byk Durti for his tassels that hung from his handle bars in his trike mode, and from his chest in his robot form. Sick of his constant poor treatment and mecha-swirlies, Trikyklo set of to find the ancient transmorpher Lattice of Conquest to prove to everyone that he truly was a rad dude. That he didn’t look like some sort of maypole. And that Byk was just overcompensating because his kick stand barley functioned.