#AllTheHorror & Scares That Care

#AllTheHorror began as a podcast event in October of 2018 when a group formed to celebrate horror by releasing a horror themed podcast episode every single day in October. The event featured 13 hosting podcasts over 31 episodes, plus one weekly blog. 

Additionally, a smaller event celebrating Women in Horror Month runs every February. This has a mix of new podcasts participating too. From this modest beginning, the event has grown annually and is now a fixture in the horror community.

A circular logo for All The Horror, a muted red moon with a silhouette of a short haired figure from the shoulder up, facing left. A thin veil or water covers the face, having been thrown towards the face and it covers the whole figure.
Dripping red and white letter read "All The Horror"

Penance RPG joined for the October event for 2019, which featured 34 hosting podcasts with 50 episodes! We ran 2 episodes with our colleagues in #AllTheHorror, also including them as part of our #OpenTheDungeon Halloween set in Dorohirsk.

We collaborated again in 2020, with a party braving the strange village of Luchgobar.

Dragon organised our participation in other podcasts, including leading a discussion on serial killers for Talking Codswallop pod. She also played roles in 2 short stories – by Stories of Yore & Yours and The Descent.

Growth & Fundraising

With the growing interest, All The Horror has expanded to include writing and art exclusive to the event. All podcast episodes use an original theme written by Sean Faust.

​This expansion led to the creation of the All The Horror Creative Common and our first original character, Lord Bloodgrin. Athena created many images of Lord Bloodgrin and they, and some other pieces by her, can be seen at All The Horror artist profiles. You can also find poetry and short stories about Lord Bloodgrin on the All The Horror website.

A portrait view with grey clouds above and red cloudy background, both glowing as light pushes through. Neon red and orange lighting along the top reads "All The Horror".

A figure is shown from the knees up wearing high status Victorian male clothes - pinstripe black trousers and grey waistcoat with a large black overcoat. The figure is also wearing a white cravat and gloves with a grey top hat with a red band. 
 The figure's face is hidden in shadow, a large blood coloured grin covers the bottom half of the face, with glowing white zigzags giving the impression of teeth. 

Glowing yellow/white eyes are part covered by a monocle. One hand hold some sharp red shards with a glow around the edges. The  artist's signature is on the bottom right and reads "Athena"
Art by Athena

Starting in 2019, All The Horror committed to donating all proceeds from merchandise sales to the Scares That Care charity. Visit the store to lend your support! 

For more information on the charity visit: https://scaresthatcare.org/ OR donate by visiting: https://scaresthatcare.org/donate-now

Three items of merchandise. At the top centre is a demonic style white skull with red goat horns. Large canine teeth contrast against the red inside f the mouth. The pupils of the eyes are tiny red and white All The Horror logos.

Bottom left has a black tee shirt with the outline of a hand holding a knife, with blood dripping down forming a skull pattern. Red text just below the hand reads "All The Horror".

Bottom right has a purple tee shirt with laughing human skull overlaid over red blood splatter. White text reads "All The Horror"