Halloween #Open The Dungeon

Here you can find details of each of our Halloween extravaganzas, where we Open The Dungeon to a range of other podcasts and gamers to experience one of our homebrew horror adventures.

From 2019, this event also collaborated with #AllTheHorror in fundraising for Scares That Care – read more here.

Halloween, Halloween 2018, Cthulhu,
2018 – Isenport
Halloween, Halloween 2019, Vampire, Horror,
2019 – Dorohirsk
A black background with blue and white shattered effect in the middle. A black silhouette in the middle with pink rabbit like ears and a hint of a pink mouth. Bright pink words below read "Halloween 2020"  Top left corner has a red MFD9k logo, centre top has a purple cthulhu-esque LovelyCraftians logo and top right has a red circular logo with a black silhouette for All The Horror. Bottom left is a purple logo for Scares That Care and bottom right has a purple logo for Party Advantage
2020 – Luchgobar