T’riss Nitra

 by DiceDeeds/Shazworth 

T’riss is a formerly mid ranking drow, she raised suspicion following an errant blast of magic carelessly thrown by Lolth. Fearful of the magic now lurking under her skin, T’riss escaped from her home city but was soon captured by a slaving party from a nearby town run by a rival broodmother. By persuading them that keeping her a slave would be more effective as insult than merely killing her, she managed to stay alive without revealing the uncontrolled arcana inside her. 

Appearing tatty in clothes shredded by mining, her elven heritage shows in some remaining grace in movement. Deep blue skin with pale blonde hair and creamy eyes make her appear as any other drow. The only signs of the magic are fine line tattoos over her face, slightly paler than her natural shade.  

Exposure to the other races in the slave work group has challenged many of her ingrained beliefs standard among drow. With superiority to other races, disdain for weaker emotions and that primal savagery being the only way to survive being to crumble. Despite the callousness that was carefully inculcated in her, T’riss has found a sympathy with others in the same situation. She has become a translator for the other slaves, and learned some Common from them. Aware that escape is her chance to survive, she watches for any opportunity. While escaped slaves are usually recaptured, a drow stands a better chance of evading the trackers.

Played by Dragon (PRPG)