Tubour Groundswell, Tubbs to his friends and everyone is his friend. Tubbs was a simple farmer who accidentally learned the secret to resurrecting skeletons when he misread a spell scroll that was meant to revivify his dying crops. His very basic mage training failed him. Since he missed his dog and his gramps, he brought them back instead. After having them back brought him so much joy he visited the nearest town and resurrected all the dead in the graveyard to share his new gift with the people of the town. His gift has been radically misinterpreted as an invasion and, being fairly rotund and out of shape, he was pretty easily captured and tried. He decided to represent himself in the shortest trial in the town’s history as when he was asked if he denies the crime of necromancy, he summoned as witnesses his dead dog and gramps to try and prove they weren’t dangerous. Hence he is now shackled up in a cart.

art, commission, original character