Episode 60 – The Tale of Faith & Fate

Cast down into the darkness, with only faith for light
How Will the Party Answer this Terrible Plight

This week is the Finale of Season 4 and starts with Belry being confronted by the man in the Black robe…

Will Jeremy have one final episode?
Can Tensho be allowed to be Brave?
How badly will Rivane’s “ghost vision” go this week?
What lurks in the creeping darkness?
and Where is the solution to this maze?

Also this week – Rivane eats some Trifle, Belry wears an Eyepatch & Tensho finds a corner

A Final episode, of a Season long tale
A Tale of high adventure, Over Land, and sea and Sail
For this Is the Conclusion, Lets give it to you Straight,
As Time, dear friends, waits for no-one, Here is the Tale of Faith & Fate

Editors note: This week’s episode was indeed one of the most tech-gremlin filled episodes yet. Everything from the Dice Rolling bot refusing to work, Tensho’s phone going off, Dragon’s mic cutting out and Belry being half asleep. We did what we could with the edit. Thank you once again for your patience. It means so much to us


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