Episode 59 – Weirdness and the Whittler

A Verbal Disguise, A change in Voice & Name
Will he get lost in the new Persona, or his title Reclaim

This week, While fleeing the last island, the party stumble across a fishing village covered in Wanted posters for Belry…

What Has Belry done this time?
How will they Disguise him?
Who is this Jeremy Bucket?
Where have all the Elves gone?
Why does Rivane have such bad luck meeting people?
and What Demonic force lurks in the depths of this building?

Also this week – Ash Corrects a Sign, Andreadina Gets confused & Rivane gets struck dumb by an abnormal creature

This is the Penultimate Episode of Season four
It has Sheep facts and Ghosts & being dragged across a Floor
Add in Disguises, Accents and other strange things to Share,
This is Episode 59 – Weirdness & the Whittler


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