Exciting Announcement – NEW

Penance RPG are proud to present our newest venture – The Curse of Penance RPG!

From next Wednesday – the 21st of March, We shall be bringing you a second weekly podcast written and DM’d by Nikoli. This shall be an adaptation of “The Curse of Strahd”, a well known 5th edition D&D adventure campaign. Nikoli has been hard at work since January reading, rewriting and reshaping parts of the original source material into something that he feels is more in line with our style of promoting free player choice. This will be a darker, more horror-styled podcast that will still play to the things we do best here in Penance RPG – character development and laughing in the face of imminent despair.
And with a few episodes pre-recorded at this point, we can honestly say that although it contains terrible accents and dark humour, we are really happy with how it has turned out and we look forward to hearing how everyone else responds to our retelling of this classic tale.

We are privileged to have some fabulous players:
– AJ from the Pretending with Dice podcast
– Lexa from the Dead Horse podcast
– Matt, the creative behind 365 days of magic
– Amy, the delightful Meg the Pict
and our own, dear, eccentric Belry of the existing Penance crew


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