Scruffins’ Big Day Out (Dragonmeet 2017)

So, Dragonmeet is all wrapped up, and our newly-named dragon Scruffins (not to be confused with Dragon, the nameless rogue) had a great time of it!

It started with the arrival at the hotel;

However there was something of an incident that evening and Belry (who bore a remarkable resemblance to a ’70s cop) had to go out to acquire duct-tape… We promise you, it was for entirely innocent reasons (Stilgar wasn’t there). Although in the end that’s not what he came back with:

In any case, the big day finally dawned and Scruffins set about meeting all the people he could:

And may even have found a relative!

There was an Elf lady (No relation to Ash -we checked)

And then we lost track of Scruffins for a little while… when I found him again he wasn’t in the safest of company…

And after that was this;

I think Scruffins was aware of my growing concern as he then attached himself to the shiniest thing he could find (appropriate dragon behaviour):

However, his next action….

I am ashamed to admit it, but I lost track of Scruffins again (and for quite some time) after that. When I eventually found him again, I could only be alarmed that he had taken to conspiring with Wizards!

The next thing I knew, he’d used some form of dark magic to summon the cast of Shut Up & Sit Down to consort with them!

He was later seen causing interference to poor Belry…

But then, somehow…

Can anyone explain to me how Scruffins made off with all the loot!?

(A big congratulations once again to Dead Horse Podcast for winning the competition to name Scruffins!)

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