Fungloi Fight for Freedom 4. Complications

A shocking journal entry presages some further complications in this escape attempt

Bo reads something shocking and the group make some unexpected discoveries, providing both hope and complications in their quest

Featuring content from Endless Realms by Lunar Games available through Drive Through RPG 

Content Warning
Strong fantasy horror with existential dread and despair. Some gore, none gratuitous

A black background with yellow text reading 'Ep. 4. Complications'
In the middle is art of three armed fungloi (roughly humanoid mushrooms) with white text reading 'Fungloi Fight for Freedom'
Keyword: Fungloi complications

Amy playing Bo, a war dancer
Ash playing Cybe, a judicial adjuticar
Squid playing Girolle, a knight

This series has been edited by Josh of the 1 Up Podcasts network – check out their website and Patreon

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key words: Fungloi complications
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