Episode 50 – Ghost Ships in the Fog

An abandoned vessel, yet the cargo hold remains intact…
What lies here waiting to pounce, to stop a potential ransack…


This week, the party come across a seemingly abandoned boat while traversing some thick fog…
What lies ahead in this dense fog?
What happened to the crew of this ship?
Why is it anchored here in the middle of the fog bank?
Will Tensho ever be allowed to be heroic?
Will Rivane’s decision doom them all?
Can Ashriel think of a good insult in time?
And how will Belry deal with his challenge?

Also this week – Stilgar ties himself up, Andreadina sees red & Belry upsets a local.

A sinister intent, masked behind a simple backdrop…
For what will they risk to reach reward while it all remains on top?
For this is the question, that haunts many a lone seadog..
What will you do when you encounter… “Ghost Ships In The Fog”


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