Abyss 18. The March to Menzoberranzan

NB: sorry this post is late going up, I had a bad interaction between my meds and the current heatwave, Everything should hopefully be caught up now

The Silence Breaks, The Tale Continues….

This week, The Party have brought their allies together to discuss their plans for the final Assault on Menzoberranzan

The Cast:
Dragon as “T’riss Nitra” (A Drow)
Shiraz as “Ishidoro” (A Dragonborn)
Susie Q as “Thirteen” (a Goblin)
Tauno as “Rasthikos Thyreon” (A Human)
Wednesday Le Fey as “Desolation” aka. “Layla” (A Tiefling) 

And Nikoli as your Storyteller.

Where Can i Find more from the Cast?
You can hear more from Wednesday as Part of the Dum Dum Die Cast at:

Shiraz Can Be Found on Twitter at @DiceDeeds

Find more from Dragon & Nikoli Right Here

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