Ramblecast Ep.13. Furniture, Phobias, & Flamingo Suits

This week, we bring you another collection of tangents, questions and bizarre situations from the cutting room floor of Penance RPG episodes from some point in the past year or two.

This Week features rambles on:
weeb things, Belry being hyped to play Tex, accents, Disney, enchanted furniture, rats cooking meals, cartoons that caused trauma, guppies, the phrase “this music slaps”, axolotls, the essential rules of International Pillow Fight Day,

welding, Greenland, the Great REDACTED Elephant, birds, spiderman bed sheets, puppeteers, mash potato, wallpaper streaming, pancakes again, lasagne, flamingo suits, speed question mic checks, pickled onion crisps, interior design and Belry playing farm simulator. 

We hope you enjoy this descent into madness.

For those curious about the flamingo suit…

A large inflatable flamingo suit reaching almost to the ceiling of the room. Belry's arms and the lower half of his face are visible, looking uncomfortable. 
The strange things he does for Penance RPG!
Keywords: Phobias & Flamingo suits.

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