Plummet 45. Tot Hopic 2: “Portalling Free”

We continue to bring you – PLUMMET!

This week sees Dusty, Rupert and Fur Nin chase down Ebony Darkness through a series of locations before the final confrontation the demonlord himself!

Prepare to Plummet

Join us now as we bring forth this Behemoth…
A Fast Paced Comedy Deathmatch with its strong dnd overtones.


With thanks to our sponsor Boo Makes Things for helping make this episode possible. They create a wide variety of crocheted cuteness – including crotched animals, crochémon, pride charms and dice bags! Check them out at and use code ‘PENANCE’ to get 10% off your new handmade treasures.

PS. Dragon is incredibly tempted by some of the dragons available. The original character, Oakley, is super adorable too!

Oakley Steampunk Octopus, Copper Gentleman, Octopus, Steampunk, Boo Makes Things, discount, Penance RPG
Oakley, the Steampunk Octopus

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