Plummet Cast Halloween 2019

Welcome back one final time for our Halloween Series 2019. As many will remember from last year, we wrote a tale, based on our love of horror and storytelling, and opened it up to any and all brave enough to take up this quest…

This year we recorded 13 episodes in a new and different format whereby choice was far more free ranging and each tale would see different aspects from those who walked the path before. Thus making every episode somewhat unique despite the same overarching story

So let us Open our Dungeon, and begin this tale of a Guild Master concerned

That one of his best Beast hunters, has mysteriously not returned…

Tonight We bring you Episode 13 – Plummet Cast

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Rp. 13. Plummet Cast

“Plummet” is Penance RPG’s usual weekly series of Carnage and mayhem. 

This episode is different from most as it was the first of our “in-house” groups that were the playtest groups for this years story to make sure it was suitably ready for all future guests and groups.

In addition, i would usually edit the tangents the group take from the story and put them at the end, this time i have left them as they occurred naturally.

The story will seem different compared to other groups as some of the story elements /NPC character aspects were significantly tweeked and tightened up following this group and other less common story aspects were sometimes pushed to the forefront to allow them to be properly tested.

Penance RPG is part of #ALLTHEHORROR 2019, A Month-long online Horror Convention. More Details can be found here

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