Hiatus Hits: Call of Penance RPG 3. Jellies & Journalism

Welcome to one of our favourite short series, this Hiatus Hit is def one to revisit!

They meet a strange man, he speaks of a long forgotten place
Its time for adventure, off to explore this space

This week the party investigate the final sweet shop and learn of a new location…the tension ramps up in ‘Jellies & Journalism’

The Cast:
GM – Belry
Adrian Zilbare (a Doctor) – Nikoli
Tilly White (a Journalist) – Dragon
Snide McBride (a Thief) – Daniel
Penelope Pendleton (A journalist) – Ash
Victor (a French Mechanic) – Jon
Walter Gabe (a PI) – Graham

We must stress at this point Belry’s attempts to do any kind of accent is sometimes truly terrible. We are painfully aware, esp in this episode!!

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