Hiatus Hit: All-Cat-Traz 1 – The Cat Escape RPG!

A new concept one-shot, to escape the house is key
But when everyone is playing a cat, will this be harder? Lets see…

All-Cat-Traz 1, this is one we created ourselves.
The players are cats who have accidentally been trapped inside a house and need to escape! 

If you would like to try this one-shot for yourself, click here – please credit Penance RPG if you wish to release or publish your games of All-Cat-Traz.

Cast and their furry alter-egos:
Squid as “Chairman Miaow” a 7yr old tabby
Amy as “Hendrix” – a 5yr old ginger shorthair
Dragon as “Fafnir“- a 5yr old half maine coon
Lenida as “Dog” – a 4yr old Norwegian forest
AJ as “Paw-fessor Sinis-purr” – a 14yr old Burmese

And Nikoli as your Storyteller

All Cat Traz 1 mascots - Two overlapping heart shaped photo frames, on the left is a black kitten with white paws labelled "Fafnir". On the right is an adult tabby gazing at the viewer labelled "Joey"

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