Halloween 2020 – 4. Mystery Fantasy Dungeon 9000 (MFD9k)

Welcome once again to the month of Halloween and our Annual #OpenTheDungeon series. 

This year we kept the “choose your location” style from last year and created a new tale of the weird & wonderful from our love of Horror & Storytelling, opening it up once again to any and all brave enough to take up this quest…

This year’s tale tells of the search for something truly unique, lost somewhere within the small village of Luchgobar…
As for what it is and who finds it, well… that’s for you to discover in time.

Tonight We bring you Episode 04. Mystery Fantasy Dungeon 9000 (MFD9k)

A black background with blue and white shattered effect in the middle. A black silhouette in the middle with pink rabbit like ears and a hint of a pink mouth
White text underneath reads "Penance RPG"
Neon pink text beneath that reads "Halloween 2020”
Bottom left has white text reading "Ep 4. Mystery Fantasy Dungeon 9000". 
Bottom right has red writing with the abbreviated version of the podcast name - MFD9k. The 9 is made by a curling dragon.

MFD9k is a multi edition d20 tabletop podcast in 25 yr old homebrew world

Penance RPG is part of #ALLTHEHORROR 2020, a month-long online Horror Convention. More details can be found here

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