From The Vault: Abyss 12. Ravenous…

The way around was blocked, the only way now is through,
The remnants of the Drow slavers Camp, not somewhere to look forward to!

The silence breaks, the tale continues…

This week, the party push through the tattered remains of the slaver camp to hopefully reach Gravenhollow.

The Cast:
Dragon as “T’riss Nitra” (a drow)
Freya as “Nal” (a half orc/half elf)
Shiraz as “Ishidoro” (a dragonborn)
Susie Q as “Thirteen” (a goblin)
Tauno as “Rasthikos Thyreon” (a human)
Wednesday Le Fey as “Desolation” aka. “Layla” (a tiefling) 

And Nikoli as your Storyteller.

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