Episode 63 – The Tale of Rogues & Rulers

A Surprising Vacancy, A Gap to be Filled
Now There is An Entire Kingdom To Rebuild…

This week The Party Come across an Unexpected Offer from Some Unexpected Creatures…

What Are these Creatures and what do they Want?
Will Andreadina’s Suspicions be Proven True?
How will Ora Find Fred Again after he Charges into the Gardens “in a Toga”?
Can the Nameless Rogue Find the Answers to what happened here?
What Will Happen from Belry’s Wedding ideas?
And Will Tensho Ever Be the Same Again?

Also this week – Tensho Declares a Duel, Ora Discusses Cutlery & Lobrena Clacks her claws.

Its Time Again to Talk of things, of Princes, of Riches, Of Creatures and Kings
So what will happen When from the Bow, Belry spots a Tiny Row.
Some small Folk shoving a Laden boat, that refused to leave the Castle Moat..
But the cause – a Man, Whos Thoughts are downright Crueller,
Journey with us as We Meet him now … in the Tale of Rogues and Rulers….

Editor Note: This weeks Episode had very Strange Audio, There was weird Echo and it would cut sharply out at random points. Hopefully managed to edit around it.


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