Episode 55 – The Wet & Wild Headwound Hour

A Hole in the Sea, Where Smoke billows Out
What Lies beneath Little is Written about…

This week the Party come across an oddity in the sea….

Why is Cap’n Ash convinced its already a trap?
What can Belry craft out of sand?
Where do they go when they descend within?
What is the propulsional power of the “conjure Tumbleweed” spell?
And Why is everything so quiet?

Also this week – Rivane attempts an Anime Dive, Tensho acquires “ a Pet” and Cap’n Ash unleashes the power of the Parent Stare.

You may already guess, The Way their Luck will roll
An Oddity of sorts they’ve found, A Strange and acrid Hole
For What Lies deep beneath is a being of immense Power
So Grab your Spirit of Adventure for this – the Wet & Wild Headwound Hour

Editor note: The week we recorded this episode My PC decided it wanted to crash midway through the recording so this episode was only recorded in full by Ellie’s old Laptop that we use as a backup recorder. As such there are times her internet seems to been playing up and the audio has gone weird from it. I Have done what I can to fix the worst of it and Hopefully you will still enjoy the episode.

Thank you for your continued Patience


A Tale of Mystery, a Trail of Magic and Death
A Question Lies within the glass, Sealed with Desperate Breath
For this week the Cast were infected, But we don’t stop for such a Thing
As We Bring forth, the Miasma that was Pestilence & a Prelude to wing


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