Episode 45 – The Tale Of Alvinfall

It shudders and shakes; the mountain falls…
Calling the end, for now, to these dungeon crawls…

In the finale of Season 3, the party are rushing to escape the collapsing mountain!
What could be the best way down?
Do they have time to free the slaves?
Does Belry end up blind?
Will they retrieve the mighty Soul-Axe?
And what will become of the party if they actually escape?

Also this week, Tensho attempts to encapsulate Belry, Stilgar attempts to encapsulate Belry and The Unnamed Rogue facepalms at everyone else attempting to encapsulate Belry.

This is the end of season 3: An end to the 15-part tale of the rise and fall of the now-fabled skypony. We hope you enjoy this final offering as we close this chapter of Penance RPG with Episode 45 – The Tale of Alvinfall.


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