Episode 37 – The Tale Of The Psyker

A troubled girl; a conspiracy in plot…
Divulged by an illiterate, bumbling clot…

Following last week’s discovery of a psyonic being inhabiting the princess of the realm, the party are contacted by a group who want to rid the kingdom of its presence.

How can you stop her reading your thoughts?
What is an acceptable reason for a monk to invite guest in at this hour?
Why do you not want to be Belry, this week?
And what do you do when you discover that things might not be going to plan?

Also this week – Stilgar declares responsibility, Belry tries to be a bad cop and Rivane plays with some bells.
All this and more as we delve deep into the cauldron of deviance for one of our strangest episodes yet. We tried to warn you…
This, is Episode 37 – The Tale Of The Psyker!


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