Dragonmeet 2018 – come see us!

We have exciting news!! We’re going to be back at the #PodcastZone at Dragonmeet 2018!

Come meet us, chat with the cast and maybe even be part of a recording….. This year Belry, Nikoli and Dragon will be attending, along with AJ from Pretending With Dice who played Ozmand in the Curse of Penance RPG


‘This year features an array of UK independent podcast creators on December 1st, and this time round we’re delighted to present the best of UK independent RPG podcasting. Creators from across the country are descending on London to attend Dragonmeet, and they’ll be taking the opportunity to see and play new games as well as exploring potential recording collaborations.

With the recent resurgence of interest in tabletop gaming, both in board games and tabletop roleplay games such as Dungeons & Dragons, there are increasing numbers of gaming-related podcasts being released. In recognition of the creativity involved in storytelling, “Actual Play” games (improvised games released as podcasts or streamed online) were collectively awarded the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming earlier this year.

The PodcastZone at Dragonmeet provides a space for creators and contributors alike to share ideas and develop new concepts, whilst visitors can catch up with cast members from shows they already enjoy, and might even get the opportunity to appear in a live recording. Newcomers can find an introduction to podcasts across the RPG spectrum, with a wide range of different games represented.’

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