Abyss Cast Halloween 2019

The Abyss cast was the group who ran through Penance RPG’s adaptation of Out of the Abyss in 2019

This episode is different from most as it was the second of our “in-house” groups that were the playtest groups for this year’s story to make sure it was suitably ready for all future guests and groups

The story will seem slightly different compared to other groups as some of the story elements /NPC character aspects were tweaked and tightened up following these groups, Whilst other less common story aspects were sometimes pushed to the forefront to allow them to be properly tested.

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Ep. 7 Abyss Cast

Shiraz & his art can be found on Twitter | Instagram 
Dragon is on Twitter

Editor’s Note: since we were recording different groups via discord – who had various degrees of experience with recording online – the audio quality may vary Player to player. We did our best to minimise this difference but sometimes it was beyond our control.

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