68 – The Big Brass Burglary

A Sinking Tomb of Brass, Pouring Forth Black Smoke
Sabotage? Deception?  Or Just Some Really Unlucky Folk….

This Week the Party Are Awoken by a Screaming Zeppelin Flying overhead… Billowing Black Smoke before Crashing… What could have Caused such an Accident?

Will Belry Be able to get Over being so Startled?
Can Ora Break into the Chests?
Will Cap’n Ash be Able to Work out what is at Work Here?
How will The Nameless Rogue React to some Unique Treasure?
Will They Ever be able to Trust Dwarvish Machinery Again?

Also this week: Belry Whispers for Friendship, Ora Gains some Style Points & The Nameless Rogue Accepts some Fruit.

Come One, Come All and Gather Round
For We have A Gaggle of Sleuths in Town
A Simple Problem? Or deliberate interference?
Who can say Just by Appearance..
But this week We Bring you some Mystery And Magic
We Bring you Now – The Big Brass Burglary, A Tale That’s Intreguing Yet Tragic

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