1. Tike, the Knight, a human. A young warrior, dreaming of being a hero. Tike was very concerned about his mother finding out any negatives in his current employment.

2. Ebony Darkness, the Necromancer, a human. The edgiest of emo fringes hide the eyes of this tortured and dark soul. His necromancy was barely under his control

3. Sylvian Whispersong, the Bard, an elf. Another idealistic character, Sylvian believed in the healing and soothing power of music to aid his adventuring. His chosen instrument was a djembe and he performs beat poetry.

4. Hugh Mann, the Bounty Hunter, an aarakocra. Mr Mann attempts to disguise his true nature, using his assumed name to convince others they see hands and arms rather than claws and wings.

5. Kireen the Elongated, the Rune Master, a halfling. Kireen is a very unusual character, we are unsure of his true shape, nature, or indeed, species. 

6. Danny Satchel, the Prophet, a dwarf. Despite his prophet training, Danny worked in the accounts and finance dept. of Rhynn.

7. Barry B. Beesbury, the Conjuror, a human. Barry has a weird range of skills – roofing uses most of his conjuring skills. He is an apimancer, a bee wizard, and wears a beekeeping suit with a yellow striped staff.

8. Artyom & Vadim, the Beast Master, a half-orc. Artyom was found as a baby and raised by Vadim – his baboon father. Vadim duel wielded axes while Artyom navigated the humanoid world around them.

9. Bruce Wonglepong, the Treasure Hunter, an elf. Rejecting the usual grace and elegance of elves, Bruce is an adventurous sort and treasure hunting suits him well.

10. Jimmy Juggins, the Thief, a human. An unusual figure with a mysterious past…

11. Mrs Butterwoth, the Marshal, a halfling. She was just looking for ingredients to make cake and Buttercandies 

12. Todd Sanders, the Bounty Hunter, a human. This laconic man is a brief addition to the party.

13. Duke Rapheal Binningham & Giles, the Knight & servant, humans.

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Category: Characters
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